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Fees for Barry McAnulty's Services 

Barry is on most insurance plans. For those without insurance, Barry's Life Consultant fees are $85.00 per 45 minute session. Due to the nature of Barry's practice, at times, your child's therapy appointment will need to be scheduled during school hours(much like an orthodontist office). Our office will provide you with an "Excused Absence" note to give to the school office. For adults, a note can be given to your employer if verification is needed for your medical appointment. 

Common Insurance Companies Barry McAnulty is In-Network with but not limited to: 


  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City

  • United Health Care

  • Cigna Health Care

  • Aetna Health Care

  • Humana

  • Freedom Network

  • Beacon Health Options

  • GEHA

  • Golden Rule

  • Core Source

  • Carpenter's Health Care

Please call your insurance company beforehand to verify Barry is in-network with your insurance.

Barry does not accept any form of Medicaid, Medicare, or Employee Assistance Program(EAP).



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